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The school pays great emphasis on the all round development of the child by balancing every aspect of life such as values, attitudes, wisdom, knowledge, discipline, freedom etc. There will be internal assessment in each subject and periodic tests will be conducted throughout the academic year in each and every subject other than the proposed Pre-mid term, Mid-term, Post mid term and Yearly exam.


Primary School


Promotion is based on the internal assessment like on class task, worksheets, orals and assignments. The grades will indicate the level of the child's overall performance. The academic session will be divided into two terms and evaluation will be conducted at the end of each semester along with the weekly assessment of the child.

Middle School

In order to bring uniformity of assessment the school has adopted the uniform system of assessment as proposed by CBSE 2017-18. The assessment structure and examination for classes IV-VIII have been prepared in view of the provisions of RTE Act 2009 and comprises of two terms i.e., TERM - I and TERM - II. Term-I will comprise of 100 marks (20 marks Periodic assessment + 80 marks Half yearly exam). Term-II will comprise of 100 marks (20 marks Periodic assessment + 80 marks yearly exam).

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