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Mother's Day - 09/05/2021

For honoring the mother, motherhood, maternal bonds and her influence in society we celebrate MOTHER’S DAY every year. This DAY is celebrated on the second SUNDAY of MAY every year in India and some other countries. This year BVS has planned to observe this day through an online competition among our students from classes I to X under different categories. Like every year, school takes the initiative in creating different types of awareness programme in our society and  this year we planned to create awareness through online platforms.

Activity Details


  • To celebrate this day as a part of co-curriculum activity for the classes 1 to 10.

  • To make the students understand about the importance of mother in their life.

  • To create and encourage students to show their respect and affection towards their mother through different activities.

  • To make the students understand the value of precious time spent with their mother.


  • CATEGORY – A - Classes 1 to 4    (ACTIVITY- Make a Thank you card.)

  • CATEGORY – B - Classes 5 to 7    (ACTIVITY- Poster making/ Collage making.)

  • CATEGORY – C - Classes 8 to 10  (ACTIVITY- Video editing on Mother’s Day with a self composed poem.)


The entire activity was done keeping in mind the learning outcome of the students from junior classes to senior classes. The details of the activity and the importance of the day were taught to the students through the various activities on an online mode. The students of classes 1 to 10 were able to do their activities nicely. Students, through this activity enjoyed spending some valuable time with their mother through activities and making creative things. Students showed their love and respect towards their mother through the medium of these activities. It was very mesmerizing to see the performance of the students through the photos sent to the teachers and the videos composed by the students. The overall learning outcome of the activity was fulfilled.

Activities done

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