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At Brahmaputra Valley School we have tried to develop a right atmosphere for children which are useful for their enthusiastic and psychological advancement. Some of the important facilities of our school are:


  • Smart Classrooms to guarantee keen and intelligent learning and prevalent retention of information.

  • 24 hours CCTV Surveillance - The need of the hour is to ensure our children are safe and feel safe all the time. 

  • Art and Craft Studio, an opportunity for developing varied artistic interests including clay modelling, painting, drawing and craft.

  • Dance Studio allows learning moves and beats of various dance forms.

  • Multipurpose Auditorium provides an elegant, functional and versatile space for assemblies, concerts, lectures and gatherings of all kinds, as well as for a variety of indoor games.

  • Sick Bay Room to meet any basic medical emergencies and need.

  • Library to assist learners with creating request aptitudes and make them more imaginative and basic masterminds.

  • ERP to provide simple stream of data and control over organization from remote territories.

  • Composite Science Laboratory will help students with investing in the universe of science.

  • Math Laboratory, fun and innovative method for learning numerical concepts.

  • Central WiFi to aid children in every possible way.

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