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      "Learning Beyond Horizons"
The vision of the school is to guide learners to reach beyond their abilities, capabilities and to make them sensible citizen of future, with strong character.

Every child should be rich with Indian values, academic excellence and global perspectives. Education at Brahmaputra Valley School aims to provide high quality education to the learners and make them capable so that they can become contributing members of the society. We focus on

  • Achieve the best possible academic standards by every student in an active and dynamic learning environment.

  • To nurture the growth of our children into well-disciplined, tidy and well-mannered individuals.

  • To develop self-expression, self-reliance, self-confidence, self-esteem& make them self-directed learners.

  • To ensure all round growth-Physical, Mental, Aesthetic, Social, Moral & Spiritual.

  • To inculcate - Humanism, Tolerance, Liberal and Secular values.

  • To maintain openness & respect in the face of Racial, Culture, Religious and Linguistic differences.

  • Attain skills & attitudes, which fit them for life in the rapidly changing world of the new millennium.

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